Birdies For Charity Challenge


            King Of The Mountain  Disc Golf Tournament  held at Show Low and Wood Land disc golf courses May 17, 18th   is The White Mountains  biggest Disc golf event- and  thanks to Birdies for charity also the fast, easy and fun way to, raise money for our chosen charity organization, The White Mountains Autism Foundation birdies for Charity is an opportunity for your organization to connect with local charity needs while tapping into the excitement of Eastern Arizona's PDGA TOUR disc golf tournament. 100% of the funds you raise through pledges go directly to help fight autism and support those who suffer from autism in the White Mountains.


It's one golf tournament where everybody wins!


             Birdies for Charity is like a walk-a-then, but instead of donating per mile, donors make a pledge for every birdie made during the King Of The Mountain Disc Golf Tournament. Donors have the flexibility to pay in advance or to be billed after the tournament, and they also may make a one-time donation. All donors making a $20 donation or more  will be entered into the Birdies For Charity challenge, where you have too guess at the total number of birdies that you think will be made during the tournament! The Winner (or closest to) will receive a $100.00 Gift card.  We expect between 500 -700 birdies to be made this year through 54  holes of play. Example: If 700 birdies are mode during the 2014 event:

1 cent pledge  =  $7.00 total pledge

3 cent pledge =  $2l.00total pledge

5 cent pledge  = $35.00 total pledge

10 cent pledge = $70.00 total pledge

25 cent pledge = $175.00 total pledge

$1.00 pledge:  = $700.00 total pledge



Mailing Address'_________________________ City/State__________ Zip code __________


This is my pledge: (Circle one)   .03 cents   .05 cents   .10 cents   .25 cents  $1.00

One time minimum Pledge $20.00 Or other $________

This is my guess on total amount of birdies that will be made: ______.


To be filled out by tournament director:                                                                           

Pledge amount $__________ x Birdie Total_______________ =$ _________________